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    This Rose Hip Moisturizing Cream is a wonderful face, hands or body moisturizer.  It is loaded with rose hip oil, which is said to repair skin problems such as scars, age spots and stretch marks. 90g & 28g  

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    Our Oasis moisturizing facial serum is made specially for mature skin.  With rosehip oil, jojoba oil, olive squalane and aromatherapy essential oils of neroli, geranium and carrot seed, simply massaging 3 or 4 drops into your face each night does wonders for your skin. 28g

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    Our natural Lip Balms are wonderfully smooth, creamy, moisturizing and long-lasting. Choose from 4 different essential oil blends:   Lavender Grapefruit, Orange Vanilla, Lemon May Chang, and Spearmint Eucalyptus. 15g

  • Dry facial mask with pink and white clays, rosehip powder and aromatherapy essential oils to mix with the liquid or oils of your choice. Wonderful for normal to dry skin.  Cleansing, conditioning and revitalizing!  40g